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Tuesday, April 8

Weight Loss Debate

I see the pattern and I set my goals accordingly. I have been able to lose 8 lbs since Christmas Eve. At the rate I’m at now I am losing a mere pound every three weeks. So Disney being three months away…. approximately 12 weeks away…I’m hoping for another 4….maybe 5?? And I’m praying that my next fill helps with that too….I’m still not eating too much, my numbers don’t lie, but I still haven’t reached the finish line so I can use any help I can get!  They made it clear to me that there was propaganda involved by the Lap-Band company surrounding the infamous “green zone”.  A spot where you are filled neither too much nor too little, and that it can take up to a year or more of playing around with fills to get there. For the record though, and I’m aware that this probably means absolutely nothing to you, I am filled to 3.5cc (milliliters of saline) in a band that can hold a maximum of 10 cc. Even as much as a quarter of a milliliter can make a huge difference between gorging and being able to swallow spit.

Also, after many varied opinions on Facebook concerning my use of artificial sweetener in my daily coffee, I went strait to the source which is my nutritionist at the Hospital. A hospital which is one of the highest rated in the state of Illinois and has a very highly respected bariatric center of professionals, if I might add. I have given them thousands of dollars (okay my HMO did but still) and I trust them with my life, especially the new life they have given me. They agreed that the small dose of Splenda I consume each day is still better than regular sugar, which leads to obesity. The disease of obesity trumps other health concerns at this point and when I am in a healthy weight zone I can look into other more holistic options.

More than one friend has also advised me to start the Advocare program and Spark products to aid in my weight loss. Although I have the utmost respect for anyone taking their health matters seriously and making changes to a better, thinner life, it’s just not for me. I did the fad diets for 35 years until I made the decision to have weight-loss-surgery and there should be no need for me to be taking any form of supplements anymore. My band has my back.

Each day I am humbled by the love and support I get from my online community. My Facebook readers devote their time into following my story. But at the end of the day I have to trust my team. I have to trust that God’s plan that lead me to my Lap-band is all I need to make my dreams a reality.

Just as I would never tell anyone what president to vote for, or what religious institution to attend, I would never tell anyone how to lose weight. It’s a very personal journey and different things work for different people. That being said please get off your lazy ass now and go for a jog. You’ll thank me later.


  1. Ha - love the last part. Advocare and Plexus Slim are the new fads. I want to try the cleanse just to detoxify and jump start things but I'm not stupid in thinking it's some life-long cure that'll save my chunky ass forever. LOL

  2. I agree about the Splenda. We each have bigger fish to fry. :) We each have to do what is right and what works for us! Good for you for asking questions and not following the fads!