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Thursday, May 1


1.     I love my work friends. Let’s face it, these are the people you spend the majority of your life with. Sure I have my college friends, and my neighborhood friends, my band friends, and even my Facebook/High School friends I talk to every friggin day but never see face-to-face….but it’s my work friends that get me through. The ones I spend two thirds of my waking hours with. I love them. That is all.
2.     I ordered a second two-piece bathing suit from Lands End this week because they had free shipping and 25% off and although I am still debating if I will have the courage to wear it to our neighborhood pool since my belly button is exposed, it will be great on vacation. I’m still ready to rock my red and white polka dot number but I need a standby if it gets wet.
3.     This weather sucks.
4.     I finally joined the 21st century and got Netflix. Mostly because I just read the novel “Orange is the new Black” and really want to watch the series. Also, as my husband will be travelling in a few weeks I can watch/do whatever I want. Within reason of course.
5.     I also threw in the towel with my nails and paid for a no-chip-mani. I can afford it so why do I even second guess this decision?? I know when it comes time to soak the shit off I will be scowling but for now they look fabulous.
6.     Me and my daughter have been belting out “Let it Go” in the car and I finally get it. It’s one of those songs that isn’t really about being an ice princess nor about having magical powers. It’s about not giving a fuck and just being yourself and realizing your full potential. I am one with the wind and sky.
7.     Said daughter gets to be Elsa. I wanted to be Elsa and she would be Anna and after a short argument about her having lighter hair than me I agreed she could be Elsa. Daughter, no worries, I will ALWAYS let you be the Elsa.
8.     Soccer 5 days a week is draining but rewarding as it is proving to keep my son out of trouble and focused on something healthy and rewarding for him. He is loving all the male bonding time with his little Italian coach who I have a suspicion is fantastically ripped under that jersey. It’s getting hot in here.
9.     The Chicago Blackhawks are kicking ass once again and everytime they win a game I am posting this fabulous article on my Facebook page. Yes it’s from a homosexual website but what’s your point? Take a look at Brandon Bollig and see if you can walk strait. Thank you homosexuals for finding that picture.

10.       6.5 more weeks of school….but who’s counting?

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