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Wednesday, June 18

Summer Lovin'

It’s summer vaca. Time to relax and enjoy the sun, right?? But is that what I’m doing? Hell no.

I am still going into school this week for our summer technology academy. It’s when teachers in our district teach other teachers all the cool new ways to use the MacBooks and iPads that we give all of our students. And things for us to use too in our classrooms. It’s an amazing wealth of information, and then we have a few months to keep it in our tote bags until fall when hopefully we will use it.

It's all about the #soccersocks
Soccer is STILL happening. My son had two games this past weekend, both of which he WON. Can’t complain. My tan is already bitchin and I haven’t even been to the pool yet this year. Last night we went to see the older boys play at a local college and it was a fun summer night. Tonight if the storms pass we have the last travel game, and on Sunday my husband and I start our Adult only Co-Ed league. Yes, you read correctly…I AM PLAYING SOCCER THIS SUMMER. Don’t get me wrong. I suck. But I can run in longer spurts now, and with all my dance history I am coordinated enough to kick a ball, so I should be good to go. Plus this....

Both of my kids celebrate their birthdays in June. Yep, I can only get pregnant in October. I have their “actual” birthday parties with special cakes on the “actual” day they were born, then a communal kids party for them both with friends. This year we are doing a picnic in the park theme and I swear if it rains I will loose my shit. But I wasn’t going to splurge on a nice indoor let-the-staff-entertain-them party this year because Disney is the following week and I want some major spending cash.

Luggage are already being packed with all of the Disney themed clothing and swimsuits I have been buying since last summer. All the discount and $5 Mickey t-shirts I could find in all of our sizes are ready to rock. Comfy shoes too. And sunglasses. Dining reservations with characters are made. Fast Passes are selected. Kids room booked so me and Hubs can have a date night at an Irish Pub (along with REAL Irish dancers, move over Tilted Kilt this is the REAL DEAL).

Last summer I was in transition, but this summer I am HERE. Yes I still have a few more to lose, less than 10 by the way, but the last few pounds will be the “range” I think. I’m in the “range” now.  I’m finding it inside of me to be okay with that and really accept that I’m in the range and that I will have to work my ever loving ass off to stay in that range, and that’s okay. Hard work to lose, harder work to maintain. Support group is next Monday and I’m always looking for new recruits. If you are reading this and want to come LET ME KNOW. Even if you aren’t banded (YET!!) it might just surprise you and give you the motivation you need to make a change.

So a time for rest and relaxation becomes a time to keep flying. Because flying is way more fun than sitting in the nest, and I sat in the fucking nest long enough.

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