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Sunday, July 20

Body Con

Recently, my family and I went on our first Disney Vacation in Fl. My husband and I had gone back in college when we were dating, on a tour bus filled with singers, dancers, and musicians to perform on the Magic Music Days stage in Epcot. We then enjoyed a backstage tour with two cast-members from one of their review shows along with some question and answer sessions in case we ever wanted to work there. Yep, that’s what Glee Club looks like when you are 20, but this time I was an adult, with kids in tow, and a backpack-purse.

We went on every ride, some twice, met ALL of the characters and princesses, ate in Castles, and enjoyed every Mickey Mouse shaped delicacy in the vicinity. The ship had it’s share of trying moments, from my ER trip before we left, to my daughter puking in a Jewel bag in the backseat, to my son pissing in a Gatorade bottle in the backseat. But all in all, it was our best vacation ever, and worth every hard earned penny and hard burned off calorie we spent. ( I only gained 5 lbs all week!! Whoo Hoo!!)

And then there was the day we went to the water park. The last time I was at a water park like that, a huge themed one with lazy river and huge ass slides and attractions was…you guessed it…Wisconsin Dells 2012 when I decided to have weight loss surgery. In my swim-burka I nearly drowned in 3 feet of water and decided to change my life. And I did.

Confident Bikini Stranger
So here I was, in a two-piece this time, and before the cover up came off I was self-conscious. No amount of weight loss or body contouring can change some things and I felt like I was under scrutiny. By who I don’t even know. But even in a bikini TOP with a FULL SKIRT bottom almost to my knees I hid behind a child or two when I took a picture.  Until that is I had my second Aha-Water-Park moment. Which was this…

That’s right, I am posting someone with an ass three times the size of mine in an animal print string bikini bottom. Your first reaction might be asking why I took such a rude and obscene picture. Because when I first saw this confident swimmer, I through….really?....I am self-conscious in my bathing suit, after working my ass off to lose 85 lbs, after running mile after mile….and this person (pretty sure they were vacationing from South America, which actually explains a lot in this scene) just shows up and rocks this look without giving a fuck.


So I decided to cut myself just a little slack. I still have A LOT of baggage to shed, emotionally, figuratively, and physically (working on that piece as we speak), but I am going to try my damndest to be a little prouder of myself. A little more confident in myself. To not care so much what other people think I look like in the pool….because this time I’m not only in the pool but I am stronger and leaner and can actually SWIM. And that’s all that matters.

So leopard bikini lady, thank you. Thank you for not caring about what other people think and just having fun with your family. Thank you for taking a stand for women that we don’t have to have a certain body type to be happy. Thank you for once again putting all of my hard work in perspective.

And thank you for motivating me to drink shakes until that 5 lbs vacation gain was history…..

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