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Friday, August 15

Back to School

It’s that time of year folks. The summer is winding down and it’s time for the dreaded back-to-school. But is it?

I wrote a Facebook note a few years ago about this very thing. Now will begin all of the crying moms posting pics of their kids going to school for the new school year and saying things like “my baby is growing up too fast!” Especially the Kindergarten parents. There are always the Kindergarten parents. (By the way I have taught Kindergarteners for the past five years and maybe one, maybe, will be crying for their parent, the rest are having the time of their life finally out of Mama’s sight.) Then there are the select few stay-at-home moms that generally just don’t want their kids to leave them all day.  I have been both a stay-at-home mom and a working mom so I can honestly say I don’t get it. I was a stay-at-home mom and finagled my son into an extra early preschool program when he just turned two because he had a full vocabulary and could put together any puzzle you gave him. Bye bye my son!!

So my question is and always has been, what is so sad about a kid going to school? Your kid growing means they are happy and healthy. A new school year means they have learned more than we ever did in 9 months time. A mom’s job isn’t lost when they aren’t holding and feeding a baby any more. If anything it has become even more rewarding for me. I like the hustle and bustle of all things school related. Sure, maybe that’s why I went into teaching. As nice as it is to sit home and sleep in every day all summer, I get excited this time of year. The smell of new school stuff excites me.  But you are you and I am me, and that’s just me.

And then there is that wonderful thing called back-to-school shopping.  The new gym shoes and denim are all on sale and you forget how good it feels to put on a real shoe when you are wearing rubber thong flip flops all day. Shopping for me now is a big hit or miss because I am dealing with some other brand-new body issues, and today was a huge wild-goose chase looking for tops long enough to cover my ass in both leggings and jeggings.  Ladies clothes can be drab, and Juniors clothes sometimes look like a joke on a thirty-something, but overall, bringing home the goods and setting up the wardrobe to actually have an occasion to dress like I have somewhere important to be can be fun too. Wearing athletic shorts EVERY day even when you aren’t exercising (of course with your rubber flip flops) gets boring.

So bring on the homework and projects. Bring on the morning routine and packed lunches. And for God’s sake bring on my kids being at school 7 hours a day learning and growing instead of at home where we pretend we are being educational.


  1. I'm a school mom too. Can't wait for them to get back to school. Love the routine and knowing where the kids are and when they are supposed to be there. Don't like the early mornings but there's always a trade off somewhere. :)

  2. I love back to school time! I've always been a working mom so I crave routine. Routine is the only way this household can run. I admit...having a 4th grader this year made me feel old but that's kinda different. LOL.