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Monday, September 22

Because I'm HAPPY

I know this is gonna come as a shocker…but I’m not always happy. I have to sometimes CHOOSE to be happy. This past weekend, that’s just what I did…I woke up nice and late on Saturday after a hectic week (you can do that with older kids so hang in there folks) and I said, “This weekend I will be happy!”

And I was.

Here are some key things that contributed to that.

I did not eat shit. I ate real food, good food, and my belly thanked me in the morning. I went out twice to environments where I had no control of the menu and instead of saying fuck-it I’ll just go crazy, I chose to eat good food….mushroom crostini, salads, marinated flank steak, fruit, eggs…and low and behold I felt GOOD…..and HAPPY…

I also ran not once but twice this weekend. I didn’t push myself to exertion just to prove a point. I just ran, then walked, then ran again, then walked again. Then I mowed after that. I set my Pandora to the Maroon 5 station (whose concert I am HAPPY to report will be my birthday present in March) and just kept MOVING. Yesterday I went back to the gym for the first time since June. JUNE!! I had been running during the summer, but outside. Now that the weather is changing I need to get back into my routine of setting my times at the gym and going there. It needs to be a part of my life again no different than doing the laundry. So I went, and ran, and did two arm and two leg machines. I looked up the fall class schedule so I can get back to my favs like Zumba, and I want to start Yoga. At first I didn’t feel like getting up off the couch. I wanted to watch TV and drink coffee under the snuggie. But I had chosen to be HAPPY so I went….and I felt GOOD….and HAPPY…

As I spent the entire weekend with family and friends. I made myself look as presentable as possible in clothes I feel good in. I once again rocked the famous $3 dress from Kmart at a family baby shower and got so many compliments I lost count. I not only blew dried but also curled my hair with a curling iron. I wore boots for the first time this fall. I wore a new necklace from my Jewelry party a few months ago. I decided to be HAPPY and to accomplish that I needed to feel put together. I took the extra time for myself….and I felt GOOD….and HAPPY…

Just for fun I am attaching the blog posts where I found the dress and then wore it for the first time:
Found the Gown
First Appearance

Reminder: my life is no different then yours!! I am pulled in too many directions. I am a working mom with kids in a million activities. I take care of a family. And sometimes, just like you, I feel CRAPPY instead of HAPPY. But this weekend I chose HAPPY and it made all the difference. This week I choose HAPPY again.

Be HAPPY this week friends =)

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  1. Great post! I gave in to feeling crappy last night but am feeling better and optimistic today. We all need to recognize that happiness is a choice. And it's all up to us Thanks for this.