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Thursday, September 18

Moving the Wagon

We have all heard the metaphor about falling off the wagon, and you all know how much I LOVE my metaphors. So I thought about this and well…. here is the good news….I have decided that I am STILL IN the wagon, the wagon just aint moving. So no, I have not fallen off. I do not have to find a way to climb back in and rededicate myself. I just have to make the fucker MOVE again. Which is harder to do? I haven’t decided yet.

After 18 months and a lot of body changes, here I sit, stagnant. You would think that after such a significant weight loss I would be higher than a kite, but of course when reality sets in this couldn’t be farther from the truth. I am no longer basking in the glow of weight loss, this is just me now. So right on par I’m back to critiquing every square inch of myself. I no longer feel privileged to wear pants 5 sizes smaller, instead I am asking myself if things are supposed to fit the way they do, why some parts of my body refuse to conform with my unrealistic ideals, and if wearing leggings and yoga pants for so long has really ruined my expectations for good.

Because sometimes…..sometimes….you need to wear the pants. Real pants. With an old school zipper and button. My waist may be gone, but my thick ass and legs didn’t magically disappear over night with it like I had secretly wished upon a star…so instead of needing smaller pants….I need pants that I’m not even sure exist in nature. 

After much trial and error, I have been able to locate both jeans and black work pants. I don’t love them, but they’ll do. Like that one boyfriend that is just okay but you keep them around until something better comes along.

For fun I looked up last years post this exact same week and low and behold it was a legs post. You can’t make this shit up.


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