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Thursday, September 11


1.     It is 13 years since the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2014. Because of this I will always remember how long I have been a teacher because it was my first fall as a real live music teacher in a real live, brand-new school building. It was scary and surreal, and put everything in perspective for everyone. We have all been changed since then.

2.     This reminds me that in the old days you could graduate and have your job by your commencement. Seriously. Everyone announced it on an index card when they read your name at the graduation band and choir concert. I also announced my engagement because that’s what you did back then.

3.     This is my fifth year back to work and I am still working my butt off but still working part-time. Some things have gotten easier, but as the demands continue to pile up, so does the exhaustion. When the miracle happens and I get full-time again, I know I will be missing my “mornings free”…which aren’t free because that’s when I do all my undocumented other jobs I have.

4.     Which leads me to the realization that I really could use a sister wife. Someone to help me do the basics while I do the big jobs. Now, I understand I am not the first mom to do so much, and I’m just paying my dues like everyone else. But there literally is not enough hours in the day to work outside the home, take the kids to their stuff, manage a soccer team, and still be able to dump pine-sol into a toilet regularly. Not. Enough. Hours

5.     So don’t even get me started about getting back to working out. I have been cleared to run again, but sheesh, still haven’t hit the trail! What doesn’t help is that my kids are close to the age where they can be home alone, but not really at that age…so realistically they would be fine for a half hour but I aint risking it just yet in this world. Still no excuse because we still pay for the fitness center we haven’t visited since June.

6.     And today it is cold. Which is fine, I like Fall with it’s warm drinks and tall boots. But when it just comes at you literally overnight you feel a bit unprepared. Like you are half way to walking the kids to school when you realize just a dago-T under your hoodie aint gonna cut it anymore and have to run home for another layer.

7.     And luckily I was ahead of the punch because Costco had long sleeve t-shirts that are WOOL…yes, WOOL, as in from a lamb and they are so soft and comfy but just a little warmer. It might be mental but it’s working.

8.     Both my nails and hair are outgrown and look like shit but I’m in that in-between time where I still have to wait at least another week before I touch up because I have a baby shower and wedding to attend. Luckily I figured out I can make my no-chip last at minimum four weeks if I get French because you don’t see the clear growing out. Win. Now if only I could do that with my grey hair!

9.     And yes I have TONS and I’m in my 30’s. Genetics sucks like that sometimes. But the good news is that since I went black and never went back I only get the grey outgrowth and not the all over outgrowth like when I tried to be a red head like Nicole Kidman. Now that was high maintenance.

10. And it’s already Thursday, which means when the bell rings at 3:30 it’s basically Friday already. TGIF!

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