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Saturday, October 18

Let it go.

Today is my Husband and my’s Homecoming. Typically, this is a SUPER important event for us because we are college sweethearts and still keep in touch with most of our friends. We laugh and cheer, eat stadium food, and reminisce about everything from the past that was so special to us in the late nineties/early 00s.

Today was probably the first time in at least ten years we had to miss out…our old stomping grounds where our love story began got put on the back burner and instead we spent yet another crazy day with our kids.

My son got what I’ll call the first shift. As a family we had registered for the kid’s school’s 5K and Fun Run. Really, this was all about my boy as he is the real athlete and runner in the family. All I heard about was this race. Even though admittedly I’m only hitting the pavement about once a week these days (which is hugely unacceptable) I could still pound out three miles so we both were equally excited.

It was AMAZING. If you have never done an organized race before I highly recommend it. There is something fabulous about getting dressed in your swag and bib and then letting the adrenaline pulse through your body as you push yourself to the limit while others cheer you on. I shaved a WHOLE HALF MINUTE off of my time since last year, which although I’m proud that I ran, is somewhat irritating since I weigh less and in my opinion means I should be much more aerodynamic.

My boy of course killed it in less than 30 minutes and came in third place in his heat of 6-18 year olds. And he was happy. 

My daughter took second shift with her fall piano recital at the music school she goes to. The kids get to dress up in their Halloween costumes to perform. My daughter dressed up as Queen Elsa from “Frozen” and played the piece “Let it Go”. She’d been practicing for forever and even though she would have a hiccup here and there it was really on the right track.

When it was her turn to perform, she left her book at her seat and insisted on playing from memory like the older kids who have probably had lessons for at least ten years. My seven year old who seems very easy going but is actually super headstrong when it counts marched right up to the piano confident as could be. It wasn’t even close to virtuoso. There were mistakes here and there. But what didn’t happen is her letting performance anxiety ruin her recital.

It was far from perfect but she was elated to play her piece for everyone.  And she was happy.

I know this sounds like a major mom-brag blog but really I would like to point out that even though my kids dominated this cold Saturday, it was me that learned from them.

I learned how amazingly wonderful running and exercise feels, and not just physically. That our bodies are made to go the distance if we would just let them.

I learned how even when things aren’t exact, they can still be harmonious. That often we need to let go of "perfect" for things to be in fact…perfect.

And as far as Homecomings go, we are now on the couch under the snuggie watching DVR shows instead of at a jam-packed bar in our college town getting drunk as hell.

But we are HOME…and it is PERFECT.

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