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Thursday, October 30

Ten Things Thursday

1.     As an avid dieter I know damn well that you are supposed to only buy Halloween candy that you don’t like so that you aren’t temped to eat it all yourself but did I listen…noooo….so two more days of peanut butter cup hell and they will be off to work with the hubs.
Thriller Night
2.     I been exercising a LOT. I did  a 5K, played bubble soccer, and did glow-in-the-dark Halloween Zumba in the past two weeks and did not lose one pound. Something has got to give and soon.
3.     Glow-in-the-Dark-Zumba!

4.     I decided to call in for an earlier appointment for a fill due to my lack of progress the past few months. My surgeon always tells me to call in as soon as I can for an appointment instead of waiting if I think I need a fill. I do this and he has no appointments any sooner. This time I got a three week advance thank GOD so I will be going in for a tweak on Dec 9 instead of Dec 30.
5.     This might make for a very interesting holiday season because I am close to approaching the Lap-Band point of no return.
6.     I have purchased two Christmas gifts already and it’s not even November. This is the first time ever I have been so on the ball!!
7.     I had the best time ever at the Blackhawks Hockey game with my husband this week and am so lucky to get picked to go on these fun, free dates with him. Next week he has Bulls tickets but I have decided to take a pass and let him find a Bromantic date instead.
8.     I wish I had more control over weighing myself. My twice a day (sometimes more) addiction is doing more harm then good. Even with all of the weight loss I have some very unhealthy habits I need to work through.
9.     After over a week of unseasonably warm weather, we are going to have an end to Indian Summer and will go from short-sleeves to snow boots. Gotta love Chicago.

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