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Monday, December 22

Holiday Cheer


Carbs + Butter + Cheese
Carbs + Chocolate

Remember that commercial a while back where the lady unwraps a present from Santa and it’s a “big butt!!”


Can’t we just focus on family and friends and enjoy all the hoopla without all the extra calories and guilt?


We can’t because we are US…we are those who have been on the roller coaster far too long, most of us our whole lives, and we don’t know how to just BE and ENJOY.

These ten extra pounds are seriously killing my mojo and Holiday spirit. First of all because it made my last ten pounds to lose my last TWENTY pounds to lose.

Second of all because now when I put on my Christmas outfits instead of feeling good, I am looking in the mirror every 20 seconds looking for where the extra bulge has migrated too. (Because even though my clothes fit the same…it just HAS to be there somewhere…)

But here is the good news if there is any: We have two weeks off of school, lesson plans, committee meetings, homework, making lunches, soccer practice, piano lessons, and Religion class.  (sorry, I am married to the Oxford comma.)

That means there is an excess of TIME to move and exercise. To eat healthy. To work on my plank challenge.  To squat away the “big butt” Santa left under the tree.


And time is the best Holiday gift of all. 

In T minus 10 days I start my 500-mile challenge at my gym. I broke up the miles into monthly goals and increments, so I can stay on track, factoring in the weeks on vacation when I won’t be able to run at the gym which is the only place the miles “count”.   I am looking forward to running on the track on the Cruise Ship in July, as that will be the ultimate bad ass.

And the 20-lbs I will have lost by then……

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