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Tuesday, January 20

Back from the Dead

I cannot believe that we are already almost at the end of week 3 of January. So much has happened and yet we haven’t even scratched the surface of 2015.

I keep going to the gym for my running challenge (which as you know is half power walking and half jogging) and I am short ONE mile from the goal I set for week three which was 30.  I already told you week one I only logged 6 because I had some female issues…and if you can’t blame your female issues what can you blame? Sunday I had a weird cramp in my abdomen and I still went and just walked the whole time, but after two miles I literally couldn’t take any more…so that explains my mile I missed. I can make it up, I have no choice if I’m going to do this.

As far as the scale goes, it’s still the bane of my existence, but it is just starting to waver a little in my favor. I don’t want to jinx myself…but maybe….just maybe….the dieting and exercise is starting to work.

I have an appointment with my surgeon next Tuesday and I am going to ask for a fill. I have been on the fence for a few months, and I was supposed to go in December and pushed it back, but I am going in….no excuses…and I’m getting a fill. At this point I think that a little more restriction will be huge in helping me keep the momentum…I can still eat too much in one sitting, and still eat things that most band patients can’t tolerate after a while.  I hate to admit it but…I need that? I need to HAVE to take off the bun from a burger instead of being able to get it down and having to CHOSE to not eat the bun. Make sense? Worse case I’ll just get some saline taken out if I’m too tight, and that my friends is the most fabulous part of having a Lap-Band.

Ice Ice Baby!
But most importantly, what I can’t wait to tell you, is that this weekend a friend of mine had a birthday party at an ice-skating rink and I fricken skated. Did you hear that??…..I FRICKEN SKATED. As in….ON ICE SKATES.

I was thinking (with my hands stretched out to keep my balance) that I have literally come back from the dead. But not like that kid in the news that faked his Heaven story. Like truly came back from the dead! I went from a Mom that didn’t want to wear a bathing suit and swim with my kids, that couldn’t ride a bike or run after my dog….to  a mom who ice skates, a mom who runs 5Ks, a mom who plays soccer, a mom who is called upon to participate in Staff vs Student sporting events (dodgeball game next week so stay tuned.)

I’m here and It’s not easy. Every day I have to count every calorie. I have to log every mile. I have to plan out what I am going to eat in social situations. I have to figure out where to get rid of the evidence if I get stuck on something I shouldn’t have eaten (Don’t worry kids that’s just mom coughing up dinner in the front seat). But I am alive and even with this huge undertaking, I am loving every minute of it.


  1. I consider u what I want to be in a year or two! Love living vicariously as a wife and a mother who wants to be so much more and look or feel better! Keep it up and best of luck in 2015!!

  2. You've made incredible progress and you're truly living it and owning it!