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Tuesday, January 27

Take Control

There are some things we have control over, and some things we do not.
We all know this to be true and somehow we STILL agonize over what is coming down the road. We hope, we pray, we rub a rabbit’s foot for good luck, but at the end of the day it’s what us good Italian Catholics call “God’s Will”.

Love God, hate his will.

Because it means we have to TRUST, and give up what little control we have over the universe. And that just sucks.

This is one of the reasons I went through with my decision to have weight loss surgery two years ago. I couldn’t predict what would happen after. I couldn’t predict if I would have complications. Hell, to this day how do I know that contraption isn’t  wringing me like a nuse in there? But I knew that I wanted change and I had the chance to do something about it so I did it. I had control over changing my future, good or bad only time will tell, but at least it was all in my hands.

FYI, this is NOT me.
And it was scary, and took courage, and a gamble of sorts so I figured If I actually did have control, I had to actually act upon that control and go through with it. And I did.

I had a body fat analysis today. It's a machine kinda like a scale but with handles and somehow the powers within allow it to send an electrode or some shit all over your body and tell you the breakdown.

Drum roll please…

Nov. 2011
Nov. 2012

So there you go. I have no clue how the machine does that but somehow it does. And suddenly just your weight is once again only a small piece of the puzzle. Fat going down…muscle going up….water IS WHAT IT IS.

Now, as to the question of WHERE the fat is, those numbers were a little shady to me.  First of all my right leg used to be bigger than my left. My right leg was a whole half a pound larger (that’s TWO sticks of BUTTER!) . Now my left leg is a quarter pound bigger than my right…..(that’s right, I have a whole QuarterPounder from McD’s sitting on the left side of my lap)!

Oh, and to no one’s surprise the study revealed that I still carry the most weight in my “trunk.” That includes boobs and ass of course so looks like junk in my trunk also IS WHAT IT IS.

I don’t have control over my shape and size. I don’t have control over which goddamned leg is bigger than the other. But I can control my weight, and I will, because control over something is still a hell of a lot better than control over nothing.

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