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Wednesday, January 14

Where is it??

So. Aggravated.

Week 2 and the scale didn’t fucking budge.

Where is it??

I’m talking about the fat that had me gain 10 lbs. Where is it?

I am the same size I have been for months, and I’m not just saying that to you while I secretly shoe-horn myself into my jeans.

As my poor, sweet Grandmother’s funeral took place this weekend, EVERY person that came to support us said I looked amazing! Wonderful! Unbelievable!! Instead of being flattered I was pissed off. First of all because I wasn’t there to show off my new bod, I was there to bury my Nonna. And secondly because I can’t see it, all I can see is the damn numbers on the scale. They are literally blinding me.

I understand basic physics for Christ’s sake…..WHERE IS IT?

I emailed my nutritionist and told her that when I come in for my appointment on Jan 27 I want to step on the body fat analysis machine. It’s been over a year since I was on there last. You stand on a scale looking thing that has handles like a bike and it measures your weight as well as somehow tells you what percentage of your body is water, muscle, bones, etc. It is also able to tell you where exactly the fat and muscle is distributed throughout your body. It’s pretty sci-fi if you ask me.

All I know is I need some answers. Stat.

Week two of the New Year is over and although I have now run 18 miles (applause, and thank you) I still feel shitty.

Something’s gotta give.

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  1. Hey Rosie, Lisa here. Just wanted to say you shouldn't beat yourself up about the scale not moving (or even moving up)--it's possible you really did just gain more muscle, which weighs more than fat! I liken watching your actual weight (the pounds) to watching your stocks/investments: it doesn't pay to look at them every day! ;) Also, if you are feeling and looking better and fitting into your clothes better, then those all go in the win column!