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Wednesday, February 4


February? It’s no longer the first month of the year but already the second month of the year.

What the hell.  I don’t always want to pause time, but for some reason, this time I do.

First of all, since the cat is out of the bag now anyways, my entire position was terminated with the school. A position that effects SIX employees who are now going to be applying and fighting like hell for jobs by August. A position I had for five years. And that I loved.

Jesus take the wheel on that one, I have absolutely no control over what is coming down the road. I have worked my ass off. I can’t do anything more or less.

But I can run, and I have been running like hell. I am still averaging 3-4 miles each time I go, and I am running for much longer spurts and walking for shorter spurts, and when I do run I can even breath most of the time. But then I walk a few minutes to catch up on my Facebook, or texting on my phone, get a sip of water, and it’s back in the game. There is always something on the TV that I can follow to make the time go faster, like Family Feud, or Big Bang Theory. And just as the days come and go, the miles add up and I am now at 52. Goal #1. 

Today there was only one treadmill open when I got there and low and behold a super hot trainer that works there was jogging right next to me. I kicked it into high gear wanting to look as fit and strong as I could and less like the blob of fat I feel like.  Luckily he was only there for five minutes or I might have passed out from over-exertion. Then again, my husband said that if it were him, and it was a hot female trainer, he would have fallen on purpose so that they would have to help him up. Because that’s how we roll. No…we are not swingers and yes…many people ask us this for some reason.  

I’m trying to “run ahead” for those times when I’m snowed in or know I’ll be out of commission or gone for a few weeks. If I want to make the 500 I have to plan very carefully. But that is in my hands and no one else’s. I don’t need prayers, or voodoo, or vibes to finish it, I just need to DO IT. And I am.

Holy shit, I am.

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