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Wednesday, March 4


What can YOU do in two years?
730 days?

Google says you can:
Learn to speak.
Get to know someone well enough to marry.
Get out of a long-term relationship.
Get over an ex.
Become an addict.

I say you can have a new life…

REINVENT yourself.

If you are still reading this blog two years later I thank you. You know the journey has been long and daunting, that there have been ups and downs. That my body has been to hell and back.  But that, with friends like you, I have done things I thought were impossible.

And I am still here. I am still sitting on my couch under my beloved snuggie with my laptop typing away all of my fears, my concerns, my hopes and dreams. I am still counting every calorie and every mile and sometimes when I look in the mirror I think…

Holy fuck, I did it. 

I’m so CLOSE to my goal, and maintenance, but I’m also finally OKAY. Year 3 will not be about giving up and giving in, but about the reality that a few more pounds will mean no longer being “Obese”….7.5 more to be exact. Do I really need a medical report to say that for me to be happy? Maybe, maybe not. And maybe it will take me all year. Or maybe I’ll get there this summer and gain it back in laughter and love on vacation. Either way it’s all good because how I am right here today is  finally after almost 37 years OKAY. I have big boobs and a big butt. I have thick and strong legs….legs that can finally take me where I want to go. And that's not just OKAY but it is AMAZING.

Here is my updated before and after:

CHEERS to another YEAR!


  1. You journey is such an inspiration! I have no doubt you'll reach any goal you set for yourself!

  2. You look amazing ! Wowza !
    Congratulations on everything you've accomplished !