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Wednesday, March 18

Get Lucky

I am writing. It’s been hard, I’m not gonna lie, to stop playing Candy Crush Soda on my phone and drink endless mugs of coffee and actually do something productive. Does this count as productive?

Spring is a rebirth. My body was reborn into what it is now, so this spring I’m hoping to be reborn into a new adventure in my career. There is still some frost, the grass is still nasty, it’s too soon I know, but it’s around the corner. Whatever is waiting to bloom from the ground.  Like something that has been planted there ages ago that is ready to pop up any day now and when it does it’s a surprise flower. As in…Oh, that’s what was planted there! Whatever it is.

In the meanwhile I am experiencing something recently that can only be described using a drug metaphor. No, I do not use recreational drugs, never have. But this has to be what it feels like. Every weekend I have had some big, fun events. A Charity Ball. My Birthday weekend which my family and friends made fabulous. An investigation into iLipo (more on that later). Seeing the green Chicago river for the first time. And then I come home and Monday comes and I feel like I have crashed into the floor. Like my high has come to an end so abruptly that I just can’t function.  
Maybe if I had jumped in I'd be more LUCKY?

St. Patrick’s Day came and went. I wore green and an obnoxious bow on my head and green beads and even taught Irish Dancing the best way an Italian girl can. By showing the kids “Riverdance” videos on YouTube and reminding them to keep their arms strait by their sides and make-believe tap dance steps. That works when you are 5, you really think you are Irish dancing like they are on the video. You are dancing to Celtic music after all, isn’t that what matters? And everyone is LUCKY. That’s the rule. Everyone is LUCKY.

Not so very luckily, I feel like I am behind in everything around here. And yet, I can still find time to go to the gym to log my miles. That I can do, because it’s an escape and even though I know damn well I’m not actually running anywhere it still feels like I am running away. So I guess I’m lucky for that.

My kids are doing great. My husband, amazing. And I am just fine I tell you, fine.

But this long ass winter is finally coming to an end and I’m ready to see that mystery plant come up and bud from the ground. Where are you already? It's time to show your face.

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