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Tuesday, April 11

Running Start

….and sometimes you just work your tail off and do everything and your body stops you dead in your tracks and says….HELL NO.
That’s what happened to me this week. Between all the new housework, and teacher work, and nursing my middle schooler back to health from a four-day flu…..yesterday I bit the dust. After waking up on Monday morning and trying not to fall asleep at the wheel on my commute…and surviving on YouTube videos of the Ohio State Marching Band as my lessons (totally my curriculum, promise) I was fortunate enough to make it back home and CRASH into bed at 4pm.  After a roller coaster of freezing and sweating, I woke up fresh as a daisy at 10:30 this morning.
So here I am on my couch “catching up” from my home computer, watching a free OnDemand of “This is 40” and wondering……IS THIS 40??
I went into my 30’s strong but it ended up being my toughest years for sure. With so many ups and downs in many areas of my life, the teacher in me can only try and use it all as a learning experience and decide how to plan ahead for a better outcome. I’ve just never been someone to accept what I have without trying to make it bigger and better. And I don't compare my journey with others. 
So as month 1 of being 39 is already over (damn) I’m off to a running start. Aside from my short bout of sickness yesterday, I am still feeling better than ever since I started drinking my Plexus Slim instead of a gallon of coffee and diet coke during the day just to stay alive during my busy schedule. And y’all know I’m not supposed to drink any pop anymore because of my WLS but some days I felt like I had no choice, which is both sad and scary.

My Lap-Band Lola was the most significant life-changing event to me and has helped me to stay in check for sure…but I wonder if I could just tighten my belt a little bit more and follow the rules a little more meticulously, if I can really get THERE.
But then there is the fact that I don’t exercise anymore. There I said it and you heard me =(
I HAVE to…and I mean HAVE to start jogging again. I notice that my thigh flab is frowning since I stopped about a year ago. And I feel like I have enough back fat not to need a tempurpeutic mattress.
So adding onto my SUPER SPRING GOALS…
1.       Get back to my Lap-Band basics
2.       Walk/Jog again 3+ times a week
3.       Take my Plexus Slim and supplements everyday

Thankfully the Slim gives crazy energy and curbs my appetite so I’m not looking for the secret M&Ms in my desk!! Who doesn’t need a little boost to reach their goals??
I'll keep you posted!!

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