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Monday, April 3

Super Spring Goals

I have a horribly bad habit and that’s to completely over-schedule my life to the point where I am functioning solely by Google Calendar. It’s not about not being able to say “no”’s about my own interest in making my life a living hell. I think for the type A, over-achiever, first born children such as myself, we just have this crazy drive to do everything at once. Because of this we often become Jacks and Jills of all trades, but masters of none. I launched this new and improved blog on my birthday 3/13 and was so excited to start sharing my story again….my NEW story of the me today, four long and rocky years past weight-loss surgery. That was now three weeks ago.
NEW home, SAME us.

But let’s see….since then I closed on my new house, moved into and set up said house, directed my first four spring performances, took an online class, got my kids to all of their activities, fed and laundered four people, and...oh...took a leap of faith to improve my health based on a friend’s testimony of a miracle supplement.  Easy-peasy, right?

Needless to say I have been racing against the clock trying to make everything happen, so alas my blog was simmering on the back burner and never made it to get checked off. But here I am.


Yes, this is a Superman Tervis GOBLET
I can say with absolute certainty that without my pink drink I would have face planted on my new wood floors by now. I am down to about a mug or two of coffee a day instead of a gallon. In fact, I’d go as far as to say I now drink coffee for the (gasp) warmth and flavor and not just to get me walking forward without bumping into walls. My pink drink is what keeps me alert and energized and staying away from drowning in a sea of Hershey Kiss wrappers. And let’s not even go there with how much Splenda was in that coffee….

And my stomach has NEVER felt better. It’s amazing what you can accomplish without feeling sick every day. I used to be someone that just tried to ignore the signs that my belly was telling me to crawl into a hole and die….because I wasn’t "really" sick like someone with the swine flu. But now I’m looking back thinking about all those times where events got ruined for me, where I sat in a staff meeting praying the cramps would stop, or stashed Pepto in my purse, or I had to do the walk of shame at the checkout buying glycerin suppositories.

I’m not a doctor. I don’t play one on TV. Come to think of it, even with my countless drama productions I've never even played one on stage. I’m a music teacher. That's where I'm educated.This being said I have no business diagnosing ANYONE, or prescribing ANYTHING. What I do know is I used to feel like shit on a daily basis and now I don’t, and that's worth a damn to share on a billboard in my opinion.

To welcome the month of April, here are my SUPER SPRING GOALS:
  1. BLOG TWICE a week….mid week, and a weekend day.
  2. Motivate MYSELF by motivating YOU on social media with one positive/informational post a day.
  3. And, of course.....BE SUPER

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