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Sunday, April 23

What's in your Toolbox?

Regain and Spring Cleaning.
What do they have in common? Well, hear me out, because Mrs. Wilson is going to tell you using a metaphor.
You decide you want a cleaner house. In fact, you want the cleanest house on the block. So…at one point you did a hands-and-knees deep clean that was so meticulous you could practically eat off of the floor. Every room was tended too and your house never looked better and never felt more comfortable and like the home you always wanted. You reached your clean house GOAL.
But…then you got busy…and well you STILL cleaned but just not as much. You started to spot clean to make it through, things weren’t always how you wanted them but they were GOOD ENOUGH FOR NOW. Little by little though the clutter and dust started to become overwhelming.
And then, one day you woke up and looked around and things were back to where you started, chaos, and you suddenly felt gross in your own house. The place where you are supposed to live and rest and nourish yourself is NOT WHAT YOU WANT anymore. You are embarrassed for people to see it even. You are not proud of it. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?? And furthermore, what TOOLS do you need to get your house and LIFE back where you were comfortable??
Sound familiar?
Maybe your house has never been chaos and messy, or maybe it is and that’s how you like it. Maybe it’s YOU and YOUR BODY that this has happened to.
Because nobody here is perfect.
Aha moment, right here.
Almost every time I check up on my online Lap-Band support groups, someone is posting how they have had weight regain and just can’t get back in control. Then comes the uncanny advice of just tighten up more so you can’t eat (counter-productive) or have a different surgery (even before other interventions were considered and even with the statistic that all of the surgery have regain risks.) Is that really what we are going to tell ourselves? Instead of looking through the toolbox to see what we need to get our house back to working condition, to just say eff-it and move somewhere else?
Tools exist for a reason. Tools for construction, tools for education, tools for cars, tools for make-up and hair….the list GOES ON.
Tools for weight loss, now there is a billion dollar industry. If all you have to do is diet and exercise why do we need tools and discipline at all? If all we have to do is clean the house every day, why do we need tools and discipline at all?

I’ll say it again….because nobody here is perfect. Because we are human. Because of Murphy’s Law.
I am 15 lbs away from kicking my regain to the curb and it is happening this year damnit. So I’m going to use my tools and git ‘er done.
I have Lola my Lap-band, my Apple watch, MyFitnessPal App, Support Groups, my blog, prepping healthy meals, my probiotics and vitamins, food blender, good pair of jogging shoes, earbuds and iTunes, and some AWESOME FRIENDS to keep me motivated and focused.

Is your toolbox ready?

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